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Pool Water Quality Risk Management Plans

A pool water quality risk management plan is required by all public pools to comply with NZS5826:2010.

"A domestic pool is a pool located in the grounds of a private dwelling and intended to be used by members of the household and their invited guests only.

A public pool is a pool other than domestic. This category includes commercial, school, institutional, club, hospitality industry, community, and local authority pools.

Risk management plans ensure that swimming pools are operated as safely as possible, in order that the largest possible number of users benefit from these recreational water environments. Risk management principles and plans will be helpful to all pool owners and pool operators in understanding general pool management and maintenance, and should help pool managers ensure compliance and drive cost savings by taking all practicable steps, in proportion to the assessed risk, to eliminate, isolate, or minimise each risk to water quality.

Users of this Standard are reminded that it has no legal authority in its own right, but acquires legal standing when cited or referenced in legislation, or adopted by the Government or other authority having jurisdiction."

(Above: Extracts from NZS5826:2010 New Zealand Standard - Pool Water Quality.)

We can create a PRMP (Pool Risk Management Plan) for your pool. This service requires on average a 60 minute site visit, we will then typically produce a PRMP within 10 working days. The PRMP will be supplied as a hard copy and as an online version.

This service is available free of charge for School Pools in the Christchurch, Selwyn & Waimakariri Districts.

For other Canterbury pool operators, this service starts at $500 + gst for a single pool system. PRMP's should be reviewed annually. If there are no significant changes to the pool system or legislation then a renewal can be obtained for $50 + gst.

If your pool system does not meet the standard then we can work with you to or advise you on how to meet compliance.