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Microbiological Pool Water Quality Testing

Monthly sampling and laboratory testing of microbiological water quality provides a snapshot of the health of your pool water and is mandated in NZS5826:2010 for any public pool including schools, hotels, camping grounds, rest homes & councils. 

A poor microbiological test result is a good indication that their is no water quality management plan in place or that it requires adjusting. Plant problems, chemical dosing problems, excessive bather loading, poor bather hygiene and lack of pool water dilution are all potential causes of a high microbiological reading.

In the South Island our service involves the scheduled monthly collection of pool water samples, refrigerated delito the laboratory and testing in accordance with NZS5826:2010 guidelines. Results are emailed to the pool operator and anyone else on your email list. Poor test results will be highlighted. If required we can then work with you to get the water quality compliant once again.

We now also offer this service to North Island pools but using the traditional couriered chilly bin service.

Tests included are: Standard plate count, Faecal coliforms (E.coli), Staphylococcus aureus & Pseudomonas aeruginosa.