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Alkalinity M photometer 100

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1 x box of 100 photometer grade Alkalinity water test tablets.

Range: 5 - 200 mg/l.

Made in Germany to ISO9001 standards, these are top quality at a great price.

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Introducing our alkalinity testing tablets - the perfect solution for accurately measuring the alkalinity of your water. Our easy-to-use tablets provide a quick and reliable way to assess the quality of your water and ensure that it meets your desired standards.

Our tablets are made with high-quality reagents that react with the water to produce a precise color change that corresponds to the alkalinity level. Simply add a tablet to a 10 ml sample of water and the resulting color change can be read by your photometer for a quick and accurate reading.

Our alkalinity testing tablets are perfect for a variety of applications, including use in water treatment facilities, swimming pools, and even laboratories. 

These tablets come in convenient foil packs and have a long shelf life. Each box contains enough tablets to perform 100 tests, making them a cost-effective solution for your alkalinity testing needs.

So why wait? Invest in our alkalinity testing tablets today and ensure that your water is of the highest quality possible. With our easy-to-use and accurate testing tablets, you'll be able to make informed decisions about your water and maintain optimal water quality.

 It's worth noting that while alkalinity is an important parameter in water quality testing, it should be considered in conjunction with other parameters such as pH and Calcium Hardness to get a complete picture of water balance.